A Christmas Carol

On the 29th of November, all students of the Staatliche FOS/BOS Würzburg sat at home watching TV.

All of them? – Not quite, a few culturally interested students of the 13th grade went to the glorious world-famous theater of Schweinfurt to see a delightful, modern version of Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”.

Full of expectations we fought our way through the urban jungle of Schweinfurt.

After a long Odyssey, filled with political and philosophic debates, we discovered the perfect spot.

Finally we arrived at the theater and became one with our seats, just as the lights started to fade out.

From that very moment on we were caught by the impressive attractions of the play and the outstanding performances of the actors. Wholeheartedly we witnessed the unexpected transformation of a bitter old man – Ebenezer Scrooge – driven by money and greed, into a caring man full of love and joy, after the visit of three spirits. These spirits presented him with his past and what his future might bring if he was not willing to change. Fortunately he took the right path and let the spirit of Christmas into his heart. In the end he, his servants and all their families celebrated the most spectacular Christmas party of mankind. This miraculous feeling of joy and happiness also made its way into the hearts of the entire audience. Outside the theater we had to prove our attendance with some amazing photos on the red carpet, before we embarked on our journey back to the capital of lower Franconia to take a little midnight snack. All in all it was an amazing evening we can only recommend to future classes.


Constantin Gastl, Rosemarie Kilian, Jan Kurman, Tilman Linke, Anthony Raab