Laufbahnübersicht (002)Fachhochschulreife: (after one year – Grade 12)

  • Access to university of applied sciences/polytechnics
  • Entry into upper civil service (Bavarian Beamtenfachhochschule/Ausleseverfahren)


Fachgebundene Hochschulreife: (after two years – Grade 13)

  • Access to university according to area of interest; e.g. students of the technology department may only enrol in STEM faculties
  • No second foreign language required


Allgemeine Hochschulreife: (after two years – Grade 13)

  • Full access to university
  • Extra requirement: Proficiency in two foreign languages


Proof of proficiency in a second foreign language:

  • Language classes at the FOSBOS (French, Spanish or Latin) – Course in 13th grade has to be passed with 4 or more points.
  • Supplementary examination at the FOSBOS; passing grade: 4
  • Language classes at Realschule or Gymansium: 4 consecutive years of instruction, passing grade: 4
  • Official proof by means of a certificate from a public educational institution in Germany