Areas of Interest

areas-of-interest_01Commerce and Business Administration

The main focus of this area of interest is on the subjects business administration and accounting, economics, information systems and law. In those courses students get an insight into the occupational fields of commerce, business and law.

Commerce and business administration has been very popular among our students not least because this area of interest offers very good job opportunities once they have completed their university studies.


Social Studies

The main focus of this area of interest is on pedagogics and psychology where students get an insight into human behaviour. These core subjects are complemented by science, economics and arts classes.

In addition to lessons at school students are gaining practical experiences in kindergartens, homes for the elderly, care or nursing homes. The course work is tailored to supplement and broaden the knowledge acquired by the students during their internships.

The department of social studies prepares the students for further studies in nursing science and management, social work and education.


Life Science and Health Care Management

The health sector keeps increasing and offers a wide variety of challenging and meaningful job opportunities. More than 10% of all jobs are already in one way or another in this sector.

Demographic change and fundamental changes in the world of work, our way of life and the environment are an enormous challenge for our health care system, and a more holistic approach towards health and illness is needed.

In order to deal with these new tasks, more and more new university programmes have been created to provide a well-qualified workforce for these fields of expertise. With the Life Science and Health Care Management course the FOSBOS wants to prepare students for university. They get a sound and critical understanding of medical procedures on the one hand and health and social care policies on the other. They will be introduced to theory and practice, and acquire the academic and scientific skills they need to work effectively in a diverse, multidisciplinary environment.



Modern Technology has been changing our society fundamentally and this field of study is becoming more and more important. German engineering has played an important role in this development and the badge “Made in Germany” stands for high quality and the dedication to technical detail. This reputation has been one of the country’s strongest assets and students who pursue this line of career have excellent job prospects.

The department of technology prepares the students for further studies in engineering, physics or other courses related to science and technology. That’s why the focus is on the so-called STEM subjects (STEM is short for the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


Art & Design


You are creative and full of ideas? You are imaginative and you have an eye for intense conceptual compositions? You enjoy creating art? Then you’ve come to the right place. But before enrolling you have to demonstrate your aptitude in Art and Design in an entrance test.

What to expect?

The main focus of this area of interest is on the subjects perception and representation, design as well as design and fine art foundation. These core subjects are complemented by practical training where students can apply their skills. This course does not aim at teaching only abstract knowledge but wants to foster the practical skills of the students to their full potential. Both theoretical and practical training aim at developing the students‘ creative and artistic competences.

This course provides a thorough grounding in a broad range of areas within the creative industries. lt prepares you for jobs in the fields of design, architecture, media, advertising and film.